Burgundian rain

Issue 3/1992 | Archives online, Fiction, poetry

from Burgundiska sviten (‘Burgundian suite’, Schildts, 1966). Introduction by Tuva Korsström

and if we could reach our Burgundian boundaries
you close to mine and I closer to yours than mine
and there see far beyond all boundaries
and there see jar beyond all shores
and there see far beyond all seas
and the ice blocks which this winter’s day
are brought heaving from below and the numbed cliffs
and ice-shattered shores vanish
and before us lies our open
quite open and naked sea

and if I quite still and you then prepared to listen
and if we then with hand gestures
keep back all words
and you then turn to me
and I lean on your shoulder
and if then all boundaries exist
but not here with us
and if then you quite still
and I with gesture of expectation
and all words spoken and listened to
and you then speak to me and I listen
then the Burgundian day is near

and when the Burgundian rain falls and it is summer
so we touch each other and you show how the rain
touches the palm of your hand and how the rain falls over
your eyelids and you then let the rain fall over your shoulder
towards my mouth and my hand becomes wet from your palm not
from the rain that is falling then we know the rain is there for us

Translated by Joan Tate


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