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7 May 2010 | Comics, Fiction

Walking with Samuel

The episode we feature here is from Samuelin matkassa (‘Walking with Samuel’, Huuda Huuda, 2009; the book has been also published in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Portugal)

Our lives are now more surrounded with images – moving or still, narratives or icons, emblems and symbols – than ever before – but do we know how to interpret them? How well can we read pictures?

Try this: Samuel is a cartoon character, created by Tommi Musturi, who wanders through time and a fantastically colourful universe of his own. His story is told in pictures, not words – and the details speak volumes. It tells, as you will find if you ‘read’ it carefully, about friendship between man and… another creature.

Tommi Musturi: Samuelin matkassa (‘Walking with Samuel’)



  1. dongengdenis

    Stumbled upon this, and… just WOW~! Amazing use of colors, make my eyes runny. kudos. :)

  2. si voodoo

    Spot on!

  3. Mariah Morris

    Aw, I stumbled upon this also. I agree, excellent use of colors! and, of course, this is adorable. :)

  4. Nad

    Yet another stumbler. Nice drawings, but I’m not really moved. Sorry, bud.


  1. Tommi Musturi’s Wordless Comics « The Chawed Rosin

    Here is a link to Books from Finland magazine’s excerpts from Tommi Musturi‘s fantastic comic Samuelin matkassa (Walking with Samuel). I urge you to click and scroll through to see the thing.

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