Linnut vauhdissa [Birds caught in motion]

18 December 2009 | Mini reviews, Reviews

Linnut vauhdissaArto Juvonen & Tomi Muukkonen & Jari Peltomäki & Markus Varesvuo
Linnut vauhdissa
[Birds caught in motion]
Helsinki: Tammi, 2009. 191 p., ill.
ISBN 978-951-31-4605-7
€ 39, hardback

Linnut vauhdissa features the work of several specialist bird photographers, contains astonishingly sharp photos of birds caught in mid-flight. This book breaks with convention by presenting surprising analogies and juxtapositions of photographs, thereby providing a more in-depth viewing experience than mere biological facts and identification of species. The majority of the photos were shot in Finland, where the Nordic light and winter snow offer unique qualities for nature photography. The preface was written by Hannu Hautala, arguably Finland’s best-known nature photographer. All of the photographers whose work is presented here are experienced birders. They also maintain a website that attracts many visitors, both from Finland and abroad.


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