Architecture update

7 January 2010 | In the news

Helsinki Art Nouveau: KOP Bank by Onni Törnqvist (later Tarjanne)

Finland’s really strong suits in terms of culture, it could be argued (although not by us!), are not so much literature as architecture and music. Enter a new website designed for those in search of information on both news and the history of Finnish architecture and its makers, on the built environment, policies, research and organisations.

Informative rather than critical, the site will be useful once some of the glitches are ironed out. Entering the names of some famous Finnish architects in the main search facility, for example, gave a null result, while doing the same thing in the Architects section offered a form in Finnish, and the link to the (English-language) Museum of Finnish Architecture site yielded a confusingly large number of citations in Finnish.

The site is maintained by the Finnish Museum of Architecture (Helsinki) and the Alvar Aalto Museum (Jyväskylä), with help from the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), the Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices (ATL) and the Building Information Foundation (RTS).