Author: Maria Jotuni

In the wars

Issue 1/2005 | Archives online, Fiction, Prose

A short story from Jussi ja Lassi (‘Jussi and Lassi’, WSOY, 1921). Introduction by Pekka Tarkka

One winter evening, Lassi, who was six, asked: ‘Can’t we go out, mother?’

‘It’s late already,’ she said.

‘We’ve been inside the whole day practically,’ said Jussi, who was seven. ‘It gets on my nerves.’

‘Gets on your nerves, does it? Well, boys, you’ll soon be off in bed,’ she said, ‘so you won’t need to get nervy.’

‘Not off to bed – not yet, it’s not yet, not…’ Lassi broke off, trying to work it out.

‘It’s not six yet,’ Jussi said.

‘No, it isn’t,’ their mother said; ‘but you’ll have to stay in your room and not go charging about here, because visitors are coming.’ More…

As in a dream

Issue 4/1992 | Archives online, Fiction, Prose

From Kun on tunteet (‘When you have feelings’, 1913). Introduction by Irmeli Niemi

‘No, they’re not rich, those Kolehmainens, not rich at all. Even the house is a bit on the small side.’

‘So how did you end up there? That’s one thing I’ve often wondered about.’

‘How did I end up there? Well, it must have been my fate.’

‘You sure weren’t looking to get rich.’

‘No, I sure wasn’t. Got married when I had to.’

‘Had to. You can’t tell me it had to be to him. You, with suitors in every size and shape. All you had to do was pick out the best, but no, you just up and take off with somebody from out of town, and a poor man at that.’ More…

Hilda Husso

Issue 1/1980 | Archives online, Fiction, Prose

A short story from Kun on tunteet (‘When you have feelings’,1913). Introduction by Irmeli Niemi

A Phone call between Hotels

‘Hello – is that the Francesca?’

‘— — —’

‘I’d like to speak to Mr Aksel Lundqvist, the maître d’hotel, if it’s possible, please.’

‘— — —’

‘Oh, I see, that is Mr Lundqvist. I’m ringing from the Iris Hotel. It’s Hilda Husso here – do you remember me, Mr Lundqvist?’

‘— — —’

‘I used to be at Ekbom’s, as a cleaner, in the Brasserie, and I got pregnant – it was a boy, you may remember?’

‘— — —’

‘Hello, what was that, I can’t hear?’ More…