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29 June 2015 | Greetings

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Animation: Joonas Väänänen

We’ve often thought of editing Books from Finland as being a bit like throwing a party.

It’s our job to find a place to hold it, send out the invitations and provide the food and drink.

It’s your job to show up and enjoy.

Books from Finland is a party that’s been running since 1967 – for nearly fifty years.

In that time, we’ve served up almost 10,000 printed pages and 1,500 posts, a wide-ranging menu of the best Finnish fiction, non-fiction, plays and drama, accompanied by essays, articles, interviews and reviews.

We’ve had a ball, and to judge by the letters and emails we’ve received from many of you, you’ve had a good time too.

But now it’s time to go: the landlord, to stretch the metaphor, has called in the lease on our party venue. Faced with funding cuts in the budget of FILI – the Finnish Literature Exchange, which has since 2003 been Books from Finland’s home – the Finnish Literature Society has decided to cease publication of Books from Finland with effect 1 July 2015. Our archive will remain online at this address, and the digitisation project will continue. We won’t be adding any new material, though; this is, literally, the last post.

The party may be over, the lights and music turned off – but what about the partygoers?

They are doing what partygoers always do: they – we – are moving on.

Readers and writers, photographers and illustrators, everyone who’s helped, supported and enjoyed Books from Finland, thank you!

So long. See you around.

Hildi Hawkins & Leena Lahti

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  1. Emile BERTHON

    Please, allow me to write in french, since my english is perhaps not rich enough to express my thoughts.
    Je suis vraiment triste – et même plus que ça, j’ai du chagrin – de voir votre belle aventure prendre fin. Je suis un lecteur ancien de Books from Finland, d’abord sur papier comme abonné, puis sur votre site Internet.
    Tout au long de ces années, vous avez fait un travail magnifique.
    Merci pour la richesse et la diversité de vos articles, merci pour la profusion d’informations que vous apportiez, merci pour le lien que vous m’offriez avec un pays que j’aime.
    Adieu, mais bon vent à chacun des membres de l’équipe vers de nouvelles aventures.


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