About us

Books from Finland is a journal of writing from and about Finland.

Published by the Finnish Literature Society in association with FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange and with financial assistance from the Finnish Ministry of Education, Books from Finland is an independent literary journal designed for those with an interest in Finnish literature: publishers, translators, writers, media professionals, teachers, librarians, students – and anyone interested in Finland and its culture.

Among our translators, specialised in fiction and translating either from Finnish or Swedish (or both), are David Hackston, Hildi Hawkins, Emily and Fleur Jeremiah, David McDuff, Lola Rogers, Neil Smith, Jill Timbers, Ruth Urbom and Owen Witesman.

Books from Finland was founded in 1967 and appeared in print until the end of 2008. We are progressively adding archive material to this website. Back issues are also  available; to purchase them, please contact us.

The range of articles reflects the scope of Finnish literary life:

  • contemporary writers and their work: profiles, interviews
  • poetry, prose, drama, essays: new translations by native English speakers
  • classic authors: features, reappraisals
  • reviews: both fiction and non-fiction – literature history, politics, folklore, design, architecture, photography, fine arts, music
  • comment, debate, news


London Editor
Hildi Hawkins

Web editor
Leena Lahti / La&La

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Timo Numminen